Extended Cheerio (jQuery) Functionality for Custom 80apps

If you have decided to write your own 80app or are modifying a publicly available one, one of the most important things to make note of are the functions that are available for your use.

While our old web crawling system used jQuery, the newest version utilizes an extended version of Cheerio, which is a lighter weight version of jQuery that only implements core jQuery functions. To see a list of available Cheerio functions, go here.

In addition, we have extended the Cheerio library to include the following functions:

  • .not
  • .makeArray
  • .each
  • .filter
  • .prop
We are also currently working on implementing the pseudo selectors :eq and :first. Check back here or our public 80apps Github repo for updates on available Cheerio functions.

It is also important to note that you are able to use the Cheerio functions just as you would jQuery functions in your 80apps. For example, $html.find('div').first() or ('div').text() will still be the proper way of writing and using these functions.